This Mom's "Forgotten Sock" Art Installation Puts a Funny Spin on a Common Parenting Complaint

Mom Xep Campbell clearly has a sense of humor when it comes to her 10-year-old daughter, Kestrel, leaving her dirty clothes around the house. In a series of photos that has taken off on Facebook, she showed off a hilarious "art installation" that pays tribute to a sock that Kestrel left in the bathroom for a week.

"On the evening of Thanksgiving when I went to bed I noticed one of Kestrel's socks on the bathroom floor. I decided not to toss it in the hamper but instead see how long it would stay there, sort of a sociological experiment," she wrote in her caption. "Today, a week later, it remained, so I decided it must be intentional and deserved recognition as such."

"I made this little label hoping it would motivate her to pick it up."

Rather than getting upset with Kestrel — or reminding her to pick up the dang thing 15 times! — Xep leaned into her experiment by making a tiny plaque that explains how the piece is "on loan from the collection of the artist." Once the installation went up, Kestrel took notice.

"I made this little label hoping it would motivate her to pick it up. Oh no. She sent me a text message asking if I had done it," Xep explained. "When I got home she said, 'I made a pedestal for it!' She gamed my shame. I figured as long as it was on display, it deserved an audience so the barnyard animals arrived. They find it very fascinating."

Scroll ahead to get a look at Xep's hysterical art installation, which kept getting creative additions — including a monolith! — from Kestrel.

Xep's Funny "Forgotten Sock" Art Installation

Xep's Text Exchange With Her Daughter, Kestrel

Kestrel's Addition to the Art Installation

Obviously, Xep and Kestrel had a lot of fun with their little project; however, all good things come to an end eventually. "I should point out this is a *very small* bathroom," Xep said. "I asked when the sock might go away. She said 'how long do art exhibits usually last?'"