These Parents Spoofed How Their Kids Act at Home, and It's Spot Freakin' On

If there's one thing all parents can agree on, it's that children make a big freakin' mess. And no one knows that better than Angie, a mom whose TikTok bio fittingly says, "Embarrassing my kids on here one tik tok at a time." Recently, Angie and her husband created a hilarious video showing how they're planning to act when their kids eventually buy a house. Framed as a playful form of revenge, Angie and her husband mimic some of the children's unpleasant behavior by throwing their trash on the floor right next to the garbage can and spitting toothpaste on the mirror. And yes, we too, find dozens of dishes under the bed. So far, the clip has racked up 3 million views, because hey, they nailed it!