A Mom Shared Her Thoughts on Potty-Training After Seeing Kristen Bell's Empowering Message

In case you missed it, Kristen Bell recently opened up in an episode of Momsplaining about how her 5-year-old daughter, Delta, is still in diapers. As you can imagine, her honesty prompted other parents to embrace the fact that not every child develops according to the same timeline — and that's perfectly OK. Becky Vieira, a mom and blogger, took the concept to heart and wrote out her thoughts in a poignant Facebook post.

"I don't remember anyone showing up to college in diapers," she wrote. "We're all okay. Our kids are doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing at this time. There could be a number of reasons why a child isn't potty trained 'yet,' none of which are your business."

She also explained how being judgmental doesn't help parents or their kids, and that's it's perfectly fine if some children hit certain milestones later.

"Unless you're planning to show up at someone's home and volunteer your services to help — or are directly asked for advice — please stay quiet and don't get involved," she said. "My son now pees on the potty, but refuses to poop anywhere other than in a diaper. And that's okay. I wrote this a few months ago: 'My son is [3] (and four months if you want to get specific) and he's still not potty-trained. Yes, we've tried. For more than a year. We've read books, asked for advice, consulted with two pediatricians and a children's 'expert,' whatever the hell that means.'"

"Be kind to another mom today. And every tomorrow after that. We're all doing our best."

Despite her initial panic, her son's situation wasn't as dire as she thought. He simply just wasn't ready to use the toilet for number two. Rather than constantly worrying about it, she says they'll try potty-training every few months and then take a break. He will use the toilet when it's time.

"Here's the thing — I don't remember showing up to college and seeing anyone in diapers. Nor have I ever been asked in a job interview at what age I was potty trained," she explained." Even if you watch someone on social media, a person who shares much of their life, you still DO NOT KNOW THEM. People are like ducks. You see the surface but have no idea what's happening underwater. Are we stressed or concerned? Of course. But we are supporting our son the best way we can."

Becky wants parents to know that at the end of the day, kids will hit milestones when they're ready. All you can do is support your children and try to steer them in the right direction. Regardless, passing judgment isn't necessary.

"Some children have physical and emotional reasons why they wear diapers," she wrote. "So, unless you're unwillingly being forced to change the diaper of someone else's child, stay in your lane . . . My child has the best tool to help him right now — loving and supportive parents. But hey, if you're willing to come over and offer your services I won't say no! Be kind to another mom today. And every tomorrow after that. We're all doing our best."