Mom Imagines the "Conversations" Her Baby and Toddler Are Having to Conspire Against Her

Having two kiddos under the age of 3 could make any parent feel like their offspring are conspiring against them at times. And no one conveys that sentiment better than mom of two Lindsey Gurk in a handful of hilarious TikTok videos in which she imagines the conversations that would likely transpire between her newborn daughter and 2-year-old son if they had the wherewithal to make devious plans.

From plotting how to wipe as many boogers as possible onto their mom's body to her toddler sharing that he's going to "go dump out my Legos and not play with them," these clips are painfully accurate. Throw in the fact that her son always seems to be mindlessly singing a song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and we can't contain ourselves.

Scroll ahead to get a look at some of Lindsey's brilliant videos.

Lindsey Gurk's TikTok Videos of Her Kids' "Conversations" With Each Other