2 Moms Dressed Up as the Spectra Breast Pump, and It's Like I Can Hear the Whirring Through the Screen

Do you hear that? That subtle yet obnoxious whirring sound coming from your screen?

If you ever owned and operated a breast pump, I can guarantee that's the sound buzzing in your head as you look upon this image of two women dressed as identical breast pump flanges.

Colleagues Rebecca Peglow and Brittany Fisher — two working moms who very likely vie for the same pumping room at Acelleron, a health and wellness company that just so happens to supply medical equipment including pumps to parents — dressed as the infamous Spectra breast pump for Halloween yesterday.

Complete with all-white clothes, ounce labels, oversize clear tubing, and what seems to be two white lamp shades and two silver trash can lids, they touched on every detail that pumping moms know all too well. It's truly the perfect two-person costume for new parents (supportive dads can flange it up, too!) or mama friends.

On second thought, that sound is actually the collective sigh of thousands of moms wishing that they'd thought of this hilarious costume idea first.

Read on for a closer look at the front and back — plus a hilarious side-by-side comparison with an actual Spectra device!

The Complete Costume (Complete with a Real Spectra!)

The Back

The Front