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Moms During Flu Season Funny Video | Trey Kennedy

A Comedian's Video on How Moms Act During Flu Season Will Make You Say, "Yep, That's Me"

Moms and middle schoolers during flu season...

Moms and middle schoolers during flu season... Mom will always win! And that's because there's nothing more important than getting a flu vaccine and getting it early. I've partnered with AstraZeneca to help spread the message: Get your flu vaccine today!

Posted by Trey Kennedy on Wednesday, October 2, 2019

I'm not sure about you, but once flu season comes around, my mom flies into turbo-mode. "Did you get your flu shot yet? Send me proof that you went to the pharmacy!" are all texts I receive once October comes around. Though I know my mother has my best interest at heart, I was blissfully unaware that many other parents take getting their kids a flu shot just as seriously. Exhibit A: Trey Kennedy's recent hilarious spoof on what moms are like during flu season, and it rings entirely too true. Featuring the comedian as both a middle schooler and the mom, he pokes fun at just how intense parents can be about getting their kiddos properly vaccinated. Watch until the end for a good laugh.

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