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The Muppets Made a Video PSA on COVID-19 Vaccines

Even Muppets Are Eligible For the COVID-19 Vaccine! Watch Their Punny PSA

The Muppets are doing their part to encourage fans to get their COVID-19 vaccine. In a new public service announcement, Gonzo and Pepe team up with the Ad Council and COVID Collaborated to reveal some big news: they got vaccinated!

Yes, apparently, even Muppets are now eligible.

"Getting vaccinated means we're one step closer to getting back to normal," Gonzo says. The four-armed Pepe quickly adds, "Sí, even if you weren't normal to begin with."

Their pun-filled PSA ("Go ahead, give it a shot. See what I did?") is all about getting informed on the vaccination process, and it's not the Muppets' first video promoting COVID-19 inoculations. Elmo's dad, Louie, is now fully vaccinated, and he shares how he and his son are "feeling hopeful" in their own video.

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