Watch an Exclusive Trailer For Boss Baby Season 2 With Your Kids Before It Hits Netflix on Oct. 12!

It was recently announced that Boss Baby: Back in Business, the Netflix series based off the 2017 hit film The Boss Baby, would return with a second season on Oct. 12. And if you feel like that's too far away a date for you to get your kids all hyped up (honestly, even if it were dropping in five minutes, I don't think I'd give an impatient toddler the heads up yet), don't fret — we have an exclusive trailer full of clips from the new season to hold your kids over until then.

Check out the photos we've seen so far of season two, and watch the trailer above (it's definitely funny enough to keep your kids satisfied until the 12th!).

Photos of Season Two

Photos of Season Two

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Exclusive Season Two Trailer