This New Mom's "Hack" For Keeping Her Husband Awake Involves a Nerf Gun and a Sense of Humor

Listen, people: violence is never the answer, but if you're a new mom and a baby has just come out of your body, you're still in the hospital, and your partner can't find a way to stay awake with you and the baby, a Nerf gun might just be your answer. Samantha Mravik-Miller, who welcomed a baby boy in December with her husband, shared the new mom "hack" on Facebook with a photo of her hand holding an orange Nerf gun. "Mom hack level 1,0000," she captioned the image. "Worried about the nights in the hospital with your new born & dad sleeping? Well... then don't forget one of these in your hospital bag."

You heard her, folks! Better to be safe than sorry when packing your hospital bag, no?