Cops Made a Law & Order-Themed Elf on the Shelf . . . and Added Him as a Temporary NYPD Officer

During the holiday season, some people go all out, and police officers from the NYPD's 19th Precinct are certainly no exception — they went full force this year when coming up with a creative Elf on the Shelf idea. Recently, the squad tweeted out a photo of Pete — a miniature sleuth who's clad in his very own NYPD uniform — surrounded by a candy crime scene inspired by the long-running police drama Law & Order.

"In the criminal justice system, candy cane assaults are considered especially heinous," read the tweet. "In New York City, the dedicated detective who investigates these vicious crimes is a member of an elite squad & is known as #PeteOnTheBeat. These are his stories. #DunDun"

Um, yes, this is iconic. But the officers took it a step further and even inducted Pete into the precinct, claiming he's a transfer from the North Pole. So far, Pete has been to a handful of adventures with his fellow officers, from tracking down bad guys (because duh) to attending important meetings. Scroll through to get a look at what Pete's been up to since joining the force on Dec. 1.

Photos of Pete the Elf on His NYPD Adventures