I'm Utterly Obsessed With This 93-Year-Old Grandma Who Dresses Up in Costume With Her Grandson

When it came to passing the time with my grandparents as an adult, we'd usually make a cup of tea or go for a nice, long walk down memory lane. And while I loved learning about my heritage from the individuals who knew it best, 27-year-old Ross Smith and his beloved "Granny" prefer to bond over dressing up together and taking hilarious photos. And at 93 years old, Granny clearly has no shortage of energy. Over the past seven years Ross and his grandmother have become close, but it didn't necessary start out as a regular photo shoot. Initially, Ross included her in a video he made for Vine, and the rest is history.

"My grandma and I are best friends; she lives with me half of the month, and I go to her house the other half," Ross told POPSUGAR. "We have been filming videos for the past seven years and have grown to over 30 million followers across our platforms. Our goal is to make as many people smile around the world that we can. The past few years, social media has allowed me to do the unimaginable with my grandma and help cross many amazing things off her bucket list."

"Our goal is to make as many people smile around the world that we can."

While the videos held their fans over for a while, Ross wanted to up their content output, and that's where the amazing pictures come in. "We had been making comedy videos for many years, and each one can take weeks to make," he explained. "During all the time we were away making the videos, our fans were left empty-handed. So I was like, why don't we take some photos to fill in the gaps? But I didn't just want to take boring ordinary photos. I wanted the photos to be just as good of content as the videos. So we went all out."

And yes, the shots he takes with Granny are meant to be funny — they certainly aren't your typical Kodak moments. "Usually we take our photos around holidays or big events," he said. "As you can see, we like to spice it up a bit. I have probably over 1,000 costumes from over the years from all the photos and had to actually move houses recently because I was running out of space for them!"

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