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Find Podcasts For Kids on Spotify With This Curated Playlist

Struggling to Find a Podcast For Your Kids? Enter: Spotify's Curated Playlist

Spotify is making podcast selection less overwhelming with its curated playlists of popular shows, and even your kids can benefit. Although most of Spotify's 17 new playlists are geared toward adult listeners, its Family-Friendly Fun playlist is filled with engaging podcast episodes that your kids will enjoy (there's also a new playlist called Brain Snacks, which is a blend of short, educational podcasts that older kids might be into).

Check out the Family-Friendly Fun playlist below to find something entertaining for your kids to listen to and save it to your library so your family can check out the new inclusions when it updates every month. And if you're looking for more kiddo entertainment, download the Spotify Kids app, which contains music, audiobooks, educational resources, and more for kids ages 3 and up.

Image Source: Spotify
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