Put Your Real Present in This "Birthie Stick" Box to Make Your Family Question Your Sanity

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What's better than giving your loved ones a present they've always wanted? Wrapping it up in this terrifyingly hilarious Prank Pack "Birthie Stick" Gift Box ($8), of course. The box — which weirdly has Pretty, Pretty Princess vibes — is sure to garner a few gasps, followed immediately by serious laughter. Adorned with the slogan, "Bring your delivery to life," as well as an image of a woman trying to take a selfie mid-labor, there's no denying this product is a touch over the top. Seriously, who needs the nurses to roll in a mirror during childbirth when you have this bad boy?

Keep reading to get a bird's eye view of this insanely hilarious box that will make you the MVP of your secret Santa gift exchange.

Photos of the Prank Pack "Birthie Stick" Gift Box

Photos of the Prank Pack "Birthie Stick" Gift Box

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