Rachel Platten Asked Her Fans What to Do About Postpartum Hair Loss, and We're All Ears

Rachel Platten — the singer behind "Fight Song" and new mom to a sweet daughter named Violet Skyerecently asked her Instagram followers what the deal with postpartum hair loss is, and her fans didn't hold back.

"Thank you to the sweetest ever Justin Anderson for helping me feel a little brighter with my new blonde situation," she captioned a photo of herself with windblown blonde hair. "Also, ladies HOW CAN I KEEP ALL THIS PREGNANT HAIR? Is it true [that] some of it will fall out after a couple of months?"

Although every mom's experience with postpartum hair loss is different, thankfully, the internet offered up loads of advice and shared their own stories to give the new mama an overall picture of the possibilities. "Keep taking your prenatal vitamins, it helps!" said one mom. "I still lost a lot of hair around four months. It grows back tho!!" Another mother said she was going through postpartum hair loss at that very moment. "It's so sad! After I stopped breastfeeding it all fell out," she said. "Still trying to get it back six months later! Start using castor oil on your scalp now! It's helping mine grow back quicker!"

Despite the fact that pregnancy and childbirth can make your body totally wacky, those sweet babies cuddles are always worth it, right?