Reese Witherspoon Is Still Dancing to Deacon’s Single, and Yep, He’s Still Embarassed!

Reese Witherspoon still has her TikTok dancing shoes on! The mom of three shared a video of herself dancing next to her 16-year-old son Deacon on July 11, and now she's dancing on her own, but don't worry, she's still embarrassing her kids! In the original video, Reese sat with Deacon as he played her his first single, "Long Run," and basked in his embarrassment as she danced along to the bop. A lightbulb goes off as she sways to the beat, so she turns to grab Deacon and says, "I should make up a TikTok dance to this song!" Let's just say his response of "Nooo, Mom," was the teenage groan heard 'round the world.

Now, Reese is still dancing to "Long Run" in front of her kids, but we don't even need to see their reactions to know that she's the only one in the room having any fun. "My kids love when I drink a TON of coffee and make up fake Tiktok dances," she wrote in the caption of her new video. "ps: have you heard @deaconphillippe's new song? It's on repeat over here."

Deacon, Ava, and Tennessee may not be completely on board with their dancing mama, but we love every one of her moves and can't stop watching her laugh infectiously in the adorable video above. Never change, Reese!