The Rugrats Reboot Is Just as Fun as the Original, but Here's What to Know Going In

Pictured: The babies of the Paramount+ series RUGRATS. Photo Cr: Nickelodeon/Paramount+ ©2021, All Rights Reserved.

As far as '90s animated shows go, Rugrats was among the most memorable, especially for millennials. As of today, Paramount+ has officially rebooted the nostalgic classic, bringing back the original baby voice cast and a bunch of new actors for the grown-up characters. The CG-animated series is still just as fun and adorable as you remember it, with a few new spins on the present-day Pickles, Carmichael, Finster, and DeVille families. Plus, there are fun nods back to the original series — like a reference to when Chuckie swallowed a watermelon seed!

Although the show is about babies, there are a few things you may want to know before watching the first season on Paramount+ with preschoolers and young grade schoolers. Keep reading for our thoughts.

What Parents May Want to Know About the Rugrats Reboot

  1. The babies are as mischievous as ever. Unsurprisingly, the babies get themselves into tons of impossibly perilous situations, whether in real life or during their imaginary play. Think: being chasing by a T-rex, driving a motorized car alone through town, and nearly falling from a 15-foot dinosaur figure. Some of the scenes may seem scarier than others depending on the viewer, but the babies keep it fairly light and, as always, there are happy endings and lessons learned along the way.
  2. The babies are basically never supervised. While the premise of the show centers on the babies and their solo adventures, the lack of parental supervision is just as alarming as in the original series. It's not a huge deal, and likely something your young kids won't even notice or care about, but this fact could lend to a discussion with older kids about why it's important to stick to safe adults in certain settings and when to get the help of an adult in dangerous or scary situations.
  3. Angelica is still a mean character. As in the '90s series, Angelica is the "villain" for lack of a better term. Although there isn't any truly foul language, the cookie-obsessed kiddo insults the babies constantly, calling them names like "tinkle-heads" and "dumb babies." She's rude as ever, orders the babies around, disobeys rules, refuses to share, manipulates everyone, and is generally just the worst.
  4. There's a bit of sauciness when it comes to the adult relationships. Aside from mentions of exes and relationships in general, there's a string of scenes in the very first episode in which Grandpa Lou entertains quite a few potential suitors while he's supposed to be watching the kids. Most of it is completely harmless and some of the jokes and comments will likely go over young kids' heads, but it's worth noting.