Surprise! Shea and Syd McGee Are Expecting Baby Number 3 — Meet Big Sisters Wren and Ivy

By now, you've either binged Netflix's Dream Home Makeover or have at least heard of the interior design firm behind it, Studio McGee. Hosted by husband and wife duo Syd and Shea McGee, the new reality makeover series, which originated from their YouTube channel, follows the Salt Lake City duo as they help others style, customize, and decorate their homes. Between their own business, an original Netflix series, a home decor collaboration with Target, and a recently published book, the McGees have their hands full; but amid all their successful ventures, they're also the parents of two adorable girls, Wren and Ivy.

Fans of Dream Home Makeover or the Studio McGee Instagram account are familiar with Wren and Ivy, who are often making us laugh with their cute sayings and pleading smiles. It's obvious by the way Syd talks about his daughters that they're total daddy's girls too. "I take the girls down to the skate park during the winter which is pretty fun," he told POPSUGAR in October 2020. "And they're putting a halfpipe in our basement right now as we speak!" Keep reading to learn more about Wren and Ivy, including which one Shea thinks will take over the family business!

Wren McGee

Born in 2013, Wren McGee is eldest of the McGee girls. According to Shea, she has what it takes to be a designer: "Our daughter brought home this little notebook that they write in at school every day. It had a career page. She wrote, 'When I grow up, I want to be a designer.' My heart exploded." When it came to designing her own room, Wren's only request was for the colors to be "white and gold and a little bit of pink." "She is seven but already has lots of design opinions," Shea laughed on the Studio McGee YouTube channel.

It's a little too soon to tell whether or not the 7-year-old will take over the family business, but it seems like Shea may have an apprentice already! Of course, she's the best big sister to Ivy, and they both make quite a few appearances in their mom and dad's interviews and blogs.

Ivy McGee

Shea and Syd McGee welcomed their youngest daughter, Ivy McGee, into the world back in 2016. At just 4 years old, she's already made her first onscreen appearance in a promo clip for Dream Home Makeover, and while it may be her parents' show, she's clearly loving the spotlight. In a sneak peek, Ivy was caught trimming her golden curls. "Ivy is our sneaky child," Shea said. Nodding in agreement, Syd confirmed, "If Ivy has gone somewhere and it's quiet, shizz is going down."

Baby McGee

On Jan. 20, Syd and Shea announced that they're expecting baby number three, due mid-July! "We're so excited. We are feeling all of the feelings," Shea told People. Shea said she's hoping the two older girls will lend a hand with their new sibling. "Now I'm feeling like our girls are really going to take on the responsibility of being helpers. They're really, really excited," she said. Apparently, Ivy even kisses Shea's belly every morning! Aw!

Shea and Syd told People that they revealed the news to Ivy and Wren on Christmas morning with a sweet present of baby gear. Shea explained: "We wrapped up a little gift and it had a little book inside, and some baby toys, and they opened it, and they were like, 'What is this?' And I'm like, 'We're having a baby.' They didn't even say anything, their jaws just dropped." Once the daughters absorbed the news, "They started screaming. It was really a fun Christmas morning."