Saturday Night Live Delivered a Special PSA For Parents: "Let Kids Drink"

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Saturday Night Live has a message for parents during this time: "Let kids drink." In a sketch called "Song For the Kids," which quickly sparked conversation on social media, the cast members joke about some advice for families. "Let kids drink, just like Mom and Dad," they sing. "If they got a little buzz on, would it really be that bad?" Cut to scenes of toddlers drinking from a different kind of bottle, and babies cuddled up with wine.

Even Frozen's Josh Gad joins in for an Olaf cameo, singing, "And now here's a bedtime story: it's vodka, soda, lime." Watch the video, which includes so many memorable lyrics: "Let kids drink, just a couple sips. They'll be happier and funnier, and they'll fall asleep by six."