This Teacher's Hack Ensures That the Caps For Students' Markers Never Ever Get Lost

Lindsey Sale Desormeaux, a clever kindergarten teacher who's clearly thrown out her fair share of school supplies over the years, is offering up a hack that keeps kids from losing or mixing up the caps to their markers. She shared the helpful tip to Facebook, and all you need is a little bit of duct tape.

"Sharing this little trick I found super helpful last year! Thought it may help teachers who are looking to keep students' supplies from mixing," she wrote. "It was a true Kindergarten miracle, y'all! Not one cap was found on the floor and not one marker dried out! It was also GREAT fine motor work for those little fingers at the beginning of the year learning to cap and un-cap each marker! 👩‍🏫 Happy Teaching!"

Read ahead to get step-by-step instructions for Lindsey's smart idea that will surely save both parents and teachers a ton of money on school supplies.