You Can Stay in The Grinch's Cave For Less Than $20 a Night — Did Your Heart Just Grow 3 Sizes, Too?


Sure, you wouldn't expect the Grinch – you know, the one who stole Christmas – to be warm and welcoming to houseguests, but the furry green curmudgeon is allowing a few visitors to stay at his cave – and just looking at the rental listing will make your heart grow three sizes.

His rocky residence is located high above Who-ville just outside Boulder, Utah, and travelers can book a stay anytime between Dec. 13 and 23 via vacation rental company Vacasa.

In fact, the Grinch himself revealed that his entire 5,700 square-foot two-bedroom cave is "decked with all my favorite things – and Max's, too," like his signature oversized pipe organ and a pantry full of Who-hash and roast beast. The only things not included are him (he alluded to visiting his Florida beach home this year), his dog, and a wifi connection: "I'm a simple Grinch. I read, I play chess, I plan how to ruin Christmas. In other words, I don't pay for fancy internet or cable."

If you think your kids would get a kick out of spending the night in the lair of the world's most famous Christmas villain, you'll need to mark your calendar for Dec. 3, when bookings open. It will only cost $19.57 per night, a playful reference to the original 1957 release of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but the family-friendly experience is sure to be priceless.

The Grinch's final message in the listing: "Enjoy your stay or don't, I don't care."

Visit Vacasa for a 3D tour of the multi-level rental and read on for photos of every room. Just try to count all the Seussian details — we're partial to the copy of Chicken Soup For the Single's Soul in the library, the custom-tailored fur pants in his armoire, and the heaping sacks of contraband gifts nestled in the hallway.