This TikTok Mom's Visual Coparenting Calendar Helps Keep Kids Up to Date and in Control


Co-parenting visual calendar for your kiddo if they live in two households. This has been a huge at our house! ##coparenting ##tipsandtricks ##calendar

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Though simple, one mom's visual calendar might be highly effective for separated and divorced couples navigating coparenting. "If you're coparenting right now I have a little trick that might help with your kiddo's transitions," she said before walking TikTok viewers through her coparenting calendar.

Here's how it works: A designated color is used for each day of the month to indicate which parent the child will be seeing that day. Red dots above the date indicate coming or going, or rather, a day in which the child will have to travel between either house, and completed days are erased before bed so the child can easily locate the plan for the following day. She added, "My daughter had been struggling with transitions so giving her a visual to look at gives her a sense of control over the situation, which in turn has given her comfort." Watch the TikTok above for the full rundown.