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Tina Fey Shares Mother’s Day Message on SNL | Video

Tina Fey Delivers a Hilariously Special Mother's Day Message on SNL: "Be Kind to Ourselves"

Tina Fey has an important — and very relatable — Mother's Day message to share. On May 9, the comedian appeared on Saturday Night Live to encourage all the moms out there to enjoy their day, even amid self-isolation and social distancing. "I wanted to offer a special prayer for mothers everywhere this Mother's Day," she said during "Weekend Update" with Michael Che. "This Mother's Day, give us the grace to accept the things that cannot be changed, like the sheets. Can't do it anymore, Che. I've changed them like eight times already. Shouldn't they just be clean forever now?" She went on to tell moms that it's OK to be emotional in front of their kids. "These are crying times," she said. "Let them see you open-mouth chew cold spaghetti while you scream words like 'moron' and 'Dunning–Kruger syndrome, look it up, he definitely has it' at the news program of your choice." Whew, a word. Watch the SNL alum's full message in the clip above!

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