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Tips From a Mom For Making Cleanup Fun

This Mom Has Some Seriously Creative Tips For Family Fun — and Cleanup Time

We've partnered with Clorox to introduce you to your new favorite way to tidy up: Clorox® Compostable Cleaning Wipes.

If you follow Fallon Carmichael Santiago on social media, you might think her life looks picture perfect. Yes, she's often busy hand-making adorable clothespin dolls, whipping up gluten-free baked goods, or crafting with her two young sons, but Fallon is the first to admit that not every day goes according to plan.

Take the last year, for example: leaving New York City wasn't originally part of Fallon and her husband's plan, but after the pandemic began, moving to central New Jersey felt right for their family. These days, Fallon is focused on soaking up every moment with her kids, especially now that both she and her husband are working from home.


Fallon and her husband take shifts with child care: he gets up with the boys and feeds them breakfast while she starts her day with a workout. "In many ways, having my husband working from home has been such a blessing," she said. "It's not easy, but the flexibility it has provided me, in terms of also working from home, has been invaluable." Once both boys are engrossed in virtual school and preschool, Fallon gets lunch ready for the family before working on her business. No two days are the same: she might spend one shooting and editing photos for her content and another fulfilling orders from her ecommerce shop.

No matter what is going on in Fallon's work, she always makes time for crafts or games with her sons in the late afternoon. If they're not working on puzzles or building blocks, the whole family loves crafting together. The project of the day might be DIY Play-Doh, paper collages, or simple drawings. "The more colorful, the better!" Fallon said.


Even though the past year has thrown Fallon's family some curveballs, she said the extra time together has been priceless. "It's been so nice to see firsthand how much my boys are growing and learning each day," Fallon said. They've also gotten creative with at-home activities. Instead of their usual yearly trips to theme parks, Fallon re-created the fun carnival atmosphere by decorating the house in streamers and confetti. They even had a balloon drop to celebrate New Year's Eve!

Of course, all those family activities aren't just about fun: Fallon said spending time together is also how she and her husband instill their values in their sons. "Kindness, empathy, and faith are the three biggest things I focus on with my boys," she said.


One of the big lessons she focuses on is personal responsibility through keeping your space clean and tidy. Though her kids are still too young to have formal chores, Fallon said they already know that they need to clean their space at the table after each meal, clear their plates, and wash their hands.

Still, messes happen — especially when glitter and construction paper are involved. That's when Fallon reaches for Clorox® Compostable Cleaning Wipes. Fallon loves Clorox® compostable wipes are not only reliable, but also made from plant-based materials. "I want to make sure we're doing the responsible thing for the planet and teaching our kids to do the same," she said.


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