A 2-Year-Old Dressed as a Costco Employee, and Hahaha, Her Mom Had to Glue Down the Granola Bars

Costco isn't just a mecca for parents, but for their kids as well. Free snacks are basically a kid's MO, after all. Logan Kashanipour's daughter Sloan loves Costco — mostly for its samples — so much that for Halloween when the little one was 2 years old, Logan and her husband dressed Sloan up as a Costco employee handing out samples of Kirkland brand granola bars, a staple in their family's home.

"I saw the costume on an adult a couple years ago and told my husband how much better of a costume it would be on a little kid," Logan told POPSUGAR. "My daughter Sloan was 2 and loved Costco samples so it wasn't too hard to convince her to wear the costume. I have a friend that works at Costco that was able to make her a badge and lend us the hat. Her apron is from Dollar Tree and Kirkland granola bars are a staple at our house so it seemed like the best thing to sample. We glued down the granola bars but it didn't stop her from trying to eat them every time she wore the costume."

LOL, that sounds about right! Logan's husband even created the granola bar sign based off the real tag for the Kirkland granola bars to up her authenticity even further. Those granola bars may be worth $9.99, but this costume is priceless — how cute is she?