Jimmy Fallon Sings "Teachers Should Make a Billion Dollars" 'Cause It's What They Deserve

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Jimmy Fallon is singing what's on all of our minds right about now: "Teachers should make a billion dollars." Where do I sign? The Tonight Show host kicked off his show on Tuesday night with the original tune for Teacher Appreciation Week, and truly, after all the homeschooling happening, I bet parents everywhere are nodding vigorously.

Jimmy has been pretty open about social distancing life with his two daughters, 6-year-old Winnie and 5-year-old Franny. They make frequent appearances on his at-home show, and he has sympathized with celebrity guests about the challenges of schooling kids remotely. Seems like everyone should be sending a little extra gratitude to the teachers in their lives these days! Watch the clip above to see Jimmy's sweet tribute to educators everywhere.