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Trey Kennedy Middle School Kids Video Spoof

A Comedian Did a Video on How Ridiculous Middle School Kids Can Be, and Yep, Nailed It

Trey Kennedy, a comedian and hero to parents of tweens and teens everywhere, recently released his fourth installment of his recurring bit, "Middle Schoolers," and it might be the best one yet. In the spoof, Trey touches on the hilarious — and often straight-up absurd — behavior that's 100 percent characteristic of this age group. From dealing with braces to their seemingly animalistic need to be constantly making Tik Tok videos, the comedian certainly covers all the bases. Add in a potential tee-pee scandal to the never-ending steam of farting noises that come from their direction, and yep, I'm cry-laughing. The best part? When he throws a tantrum and knocks his head into the wall. If that situation doesn't look familiar, we're not sure you're raising kids! Watch until the end for some much-needed laughs.

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