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Video of 2020 Toddler Fashion | POPSUGAR's I Kid You Not

These Trendy Toddlers Are Our 2020 Fashion Icons

A huge part of style is confidence — knowing that you're owning that look and being proud of it. These adorable trendsetters are bursting with confidence. They're so excited to showcase their darling prints and snazzy coordinated ensembles for the camera, and it's an absolute delight!

Style isn't necessarily about clothes though — it might also be about experimenting with bold beauty looks (even with mom's stolen makeup), having the patience to get a vacuum hairstyle, or giving your younger sibling that huge self-esteem boost. We've got all those (very specific) moments covered in this video, too!

Thanks to TikTokers @kaileakini, @m.denisse_, @homeoftheharveys, @smilesbydrnehi, @wildgirlgonemom, @shiann17, @pittsburghsveryown, and @mel_____b, as well as Instagrammer @yuzu_and_sesame for letting us in on these rising fashionistas who are sure to be a hit in the 2030s/2040s!

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