This Boy Defiantly Tells His Dad, "I Didn't Poop, I Peed!" And, Well, I Definitely Peed a Little From Laughing

Having potty-trained two kids, I think it's safe to say that toddlers who've been evacuating their systems into diapers for most of their lives are unreliable narrators at best. Yet, I am inclined to believe the little boy in a now-viral video who is sitting on the potty declaring, "I didn't poop, I peed!"

Dani DeVito recorded her son Matt, who was sitting on a training seat on the bathroom toilet, as he told his dad what he'd just done. Yet, it likely wasn't what he said that made the video reach 10 million views in just a few days — it was probably how he said it.

"[I'm] not sure why he was doing this voice," Dani captioned the Facebook video.

Whatever that overly dramatic voice was, it had his dad tearing up with laughter. Matt noticed and stopped his monologue to check in.

"Daddy? You sad, Daddy?" he asked. "I'm trying so hard to not laugh, I'm crying!" his dad replied before asking again if he'd pooped.

You can guess the boy's response.

The video has nearly 380 shares, but I bet all the seasoned parents out there wouldn't be too surprised to find out if he did, in fact, poop. All I know is while watching, I laughed so hard I certainly peed a little.