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Video of Cute Kids Halloween Costumes | I Kid You Not

This Supercute Kid Costume Compilation Has Us Totally Melting

The world can be complicated, but you know what isn't? The joy you get when you see absolutely precious, smiling toddlers dressed up as little baby animals (and a ghost). It's easy, especially for a series like I Kid You Not, to declare something "the cutest thing ever" — but I'm truly having a hard time not doing that now.

Watch a little sloth come galavanting toward the camera with a grin on his face, and see if you don't audibly let out an "aw!"

If you thought these cuddly critters were just darling, you'll love the video's bonus segment featuring a family that goes all out for Halloween with DIY themed costumes. They're TikTok's @thathalloweenfamily, and if you want to see how Halloween has kept the couple's relationship strong for 23 years, and why a 12-foot skeleton can sometimes be the best wedding anniversary gift, check out our full video on this crafty crew.

Thanks to TikTokers @emm3rick, @haleighforget, @katiebeanstok, @raisingjace, @cairo_a_, and Instagram's Cameron Manwaring for sharing these adorable little animals with us!

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