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Video of Funny Mature Kids | I Kid You Not

These Kids Are So Surprisingly Mature, Adults Need to Take Note

It can be so fun to see the world through an innocent child's eye — but what about when we see a toddler that is so startlingly wise, adults have to take a step back and realize that children can show us so many different approaches to life?

Sure, this video has a little tyke gracefully gliding down an incline in a baby walker (already smiling at fear). We've also featured great empathy, unbridled positivity, and a very mature take on a situation that usually leads to sibling rivalry. We can all learn from these bold tots.

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A big thanks to TikTokers @shiann17, @heygrib, @amariyahjai, @cassandracummings1, and @crystalransons (who is also on YouTube here) — as well as Instagrammer @megsy986 and Charles Zarza — for sharing their precocious kids with us!

Do you have a video of your child doing something so cute or hilarious that you just have to share it with the world? We'd love to feature it in one of our videos! Send it to us here!

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