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Video of Funny Rules Kids Make | I Kid You Not

These 7 Kids Have Their Own Life Rules, and We Love It

Rules were made to be broken — that is, unless you're a kid and you're creating rules that help the world appreciate all that is you. These precocious toddlers are making their own adorable life guidelines, on everything from bedtime routines to proper slide usage to how many strikes you have to steal sweet treats.

Parents took your pacifier? You get to have one hidden. Bedtime? Not until tummy bumps happen. And toys that we just aren't feeling? They definitely don't get to take a ride in the cart.

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Thanks to TikTokers @theroblefamily, @hlpvw, @meettheashers, @scarlettgray143, @jarednesci0, Instagrammer @caitlinholli, and to Meagan Lapinski for sharing your little rule-makers with us!

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