A 6-Year-Old "Cleaned" Chicken With Soap So It Would "Stay Fresh" and Ohhhhh My Goodness

Essence Evans thought her nearly 7-year-old daughter Brooke was at the age where she could be trusted with small jobs around the house, but after a particularly hilarious incident involving some raw chicken drumsticks and Dawn dish soap, she might be rethinking that. In a now-viral video that Essence posted to Facebook, Brooke can be seen "cleaning" raw chicken in a sink full of bubbles after Essence asked her if she could "turn on the water and just let the chicken run under the water" while she took a quick, five-minute shower.

"That is not how you clean chicken!" Essence says upon discovering Brooke, who looks innocent as ever as she flicks soapy water onto the chicken over and over. "Yes it issssss," she replies, adding, "You need soap on chicken so it can stay fresh."

Brooke holds strong to her argument throughout the entire video (classic kid move), and seems in complete denial that her family won't be able to eat the "clean" chicken now. "Brooke, you had one job, to run the water — you literally made the chickens a bath." LOL.