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Video of Kids Who Are So Over It | I Kid You Not

These 5 Kids Are Just SO Over It, and We Can Totally Relate

Some days, we just can't, you know? And these kids also absolutely cannot, and simply will not. What is it that these toddlers are so opposed to?

Everyday problems like Dad serenading you and your twin with songs that were so entertaining a few days ago — but you're older now. Less-everyday (but still hilarious) problems like a rooster invading trampoline time, though we can all relate to someone crowding our space.

It's these attitudes and reactions that have these little munchkins truly showing us what it means to be so very over it.

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Thanks to TikTokers @erin.lynch16, @emmalinecs, and @simoapreo and Instagrammers @buckarootattoo and @1me_and_emily for sharing these laughs with us!

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