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Video of Kind Kids | I Kid You Not

Watch These Superkind Kids Melt Even the Iciest Hearts

We are not exaggerating — these are some of the most icy-heart-thawing examples of childhood kindness that we've ever come across! Just try not to make the "Aw!" face when you see a 2-year-old kid, after a bath, request to hold each parent's hand and then declare they're a family.

This pure tenderness is such a joy to witness these days, and certainly leaves us with the warm fuzzies. If a child can't enjoy themselves until their tiny dog friend has their toy, or until their doll gets to use the slide too, it feels like the future is in very good, tiny, adorable hands.

Thanks to TikTokers @jjensen024, @kristenryan14, @elixriv, @mskayladrew, @brialexis1987 and to Instagrammer @i.max_tysonphotography for sharing all these good vibes!

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