This Little Boy Asked to Be Wonder Woman For Halloween, and His Costume Is SO Adorable

If I could describe the level of happiness I hope to achieve one day, it'd be that of this little boy bursting with excitement at the thought of dressing up as Wonder Woman for Halloween this year. In a video posted to Reddit earlier this month and shown above, a young boy can be seen trying on his Wonder Woman costume for the first time since declaring he wanted to be the Amazonian warrior for Halloween — and as any kid would be, he's pretty pumped as soon as he puts it on.

"My son's favorite superhero is Wonder Woman (I don't know why, [we're] strictly a Marvel family) and he wanted to be her for Halloween," the boy's dad captioned the video. "So we got his costume today so we could make some changes to it before the 31st! Safe to say, he's stoked." Stoked is one way to put it. Watch the cute video above.