John Legend's Reaction to Luna Calling Him "John" Instead of Dad Is So Perfect

Every once in a while, my daughter will call me by my first name, and although no video recording of my reaction exists, I can assure you it would look precisely the same as when John Legend heard his daughter call him "John."

In an adorable Instagram post by Chrissy Teigen, she set out to capture some of the first moments her daughter Luna spent playing with the family's new puppy Petey, but what she got was so much more hilarious.

As Luna carried her new poodle to her dad, she said, "John, would you like to hold her?"

Chrissy burst into laughter from behind the camera as John gave his wife that classic annoyed-parent glance.

"I'm not John," he said with an incredulous smile. "I'm your dad."

For most parents who've had their kid swap "mom" or "dad" for a less formal moniker, these reactions are so relatable. As Chrissy so perfectly captioned the video, "Excuse me?!"