A Mom Surprised Her Daughter at the Bus Stop in a Unicorn Costume, and What a Sweet Reaction!

Mom of two Somer Scandridge is making the most of her kids still being little! In a sweet video that's making its rounds on Facebook, Somer dressed up in a gigantic unicorn costume to meet her 6-year-old daughter Madison at the bus stop. While some children might have been mortified, based on her reaction, Madison clearly loved the idea.

"When your daughter is young enough to think you're still cool and not embarrassing," she captioned the sweet video. Somer got the idea when her Halloween costume arrived earlier than expected. Rather than waiting to show it off, she headed to pick up Madison with her 4-year-old son Hudson and pup in tow.

"She's young, and I knew she would absolutely love it," she told CNN. "It's important to let them smile and be happy and do fun things, and not have an attitude."