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Video of Shay Mitchell's Partner Assembling Baby's Stroller

Shay Mitchell Eating Chips While Her Partner Assembles Their Baby’s Stroller Is a Serious Mood

Shay Mitchell is the pregnant woman I aspire to be. In her latest video on her YouTube channel, "How to Build a Stroller . . . Not," we see Shay on the ground outside, popping tortilla chips into her mouth, friends all around her, while her partner Matte Babel attempts to put their baby's stroller together (she's due so soon!) — and I can't stop laughing at her playful taunting.

Throughout the video, Shay is the definition of a peanut gallery, eating her chips, making faces at Matte, and throwing comments his way like, "I mean, this doesn't look that complicated . . . how is this complicated, it looks like one piece," "That's going to get grass stains if you just throw it around like that," and "Well, don't break it."

"With the baby coming soon, there's a lot to get ready. I figured — what better way to get Matte ready for fatherhood than to build a simple and user-friendly stroller?" Shay wrote. "And if he thought there was only one stroller to be built . . . HA. There's 5 more in their boxes in the garage." Poor Matte, but LOL. Watch the entire hilarious video above.

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