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Video of TikTok CuddleChallenge | I Kid You Not

Viral TikTok #CuddleChallenge Has Parents Snuggling Kids With (Mostly) Sweet Results

You may think TikTok challenges are all multistep dances or dogs jumping over toilet paper, but then you'd be missing out on one of the most heart-warming trends sweeping the social network: the #CuddleChallenge.

First, parents plop their kid down to watch their favorite movie or TV show. Then, as they're entranced, the parent lies down next to them and puts their head in their child's lap. What happens next? It can range from the sweetest hugs and smooches to being pushed away with the TV remote and everything in between. Check out our video to see some of our favorite #CuddleChallenge clips, and prepare to loudly "aww!"

Have you tried the #CuddleChallenge? Share what happened (or any other cute or hilarious video you have of your kids) with us here!

Thanks to TikTokers @dcmama90, @jenalee.bolton, @cryss_duhh, @camryn.alexis3, @wren.eleanor, @mamehgrace, and @fudgekat for sharing their challenge results with us!

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