A Video of a Toddler Running Back to Her Mom to Say “I Love You” Before School Is Going Viral

A 2-and-a-half-year-old is going viral thanks to her mom holding up her phone to take a video at the exact right time. Ariele Fredman Stewart was taping her daughter Millie walking to preschool with her dad, as she'd decided they both needed to do a "weird backwards walk" to school that day, and happened to catch her little girl realizing she didn't give her mom a goodbye kiss. But she got much more than a kiss when her toddler ran over to her — Millie paused before going back to her dad to say to Ariele, "I love you and I trust you and I love you and I love you, OK?"

"Millie realized she forgot to give me a kiss before leaving for school, and then I captured this toddler pure-hearted gold," Ariele wrote on Instagram. Of Millie adding in the cute-as-anything "I trust you" bit, Ariele told POPSUGAR: "It kind of started with potty-training at 2. Sometimes we just tell her 'Hey, we trust you to tell us if you have to go potty' (if she says she doesn't or can't). Now it's evolved into funny everyday situations — like if Dad needs three more minutes of sleep, he'll say: 'Come back in a few minutes! I trust you!' And she'll say, 'No, I trust you!!' So it's not quite right, but it's still incredibly sweet. She's definitely a quirky and smart kid, and very chatty, so you never know what she's been thinking about that will suddenly come out of her mouth."

She definitely got it right this time — so cute! Watch the adorable moment in the video above.