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Video of Toddlers Loving Food | I Kid You Not

Watching These Toddlers Actually Adore Their Food Is Pure Joy

Some folks say that toddlers are finicky eaters, but you would absolutely not know it from these little foodies. Have you ever seen a child enthusiastically (and adorably) pronounce that everything she gets is "delicious"? Or a kid who is excited about how his favorite food comes together, and even wants to help?

It's not a fantasy, it's all in the above video: from an tiny tot chef to perhaps the world's biggest cake fan, these children are overjoyed to be savoring every last little bite, and we love being along for the ride!

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Thanks to TikTokers @camifrobabe, @chezoliz, and @bonzoothethird as well as Instagrammers @kmtaylorr and @just_jesses_life for sharing all these moments of pure joy with us!

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