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Watch the Trailer For HBO's Documentary Transhood

HBO's New Documentary Chronicles the Lives of Transgender Kids Over 5 Years

HBO is releasing a new documentary called Transhood that chronicles the lives of four kids — Jay, Avery, Leena, and Phoenix — who identify as transgender. Ranging from ages four to 15 years old, the participants from the Kansas City, MO, area agreed to have their daily lives filmed over a five-year period.

Directed by Sharon Liese, the film is meant to illustrate how "four kids and their families unmask the intimate realities of how gender fluidity is reshaping the family next door, especially in America's heartland," according to its IMDb page.

From parents discussing how their children are socially transitioning to some of the challenges that come with entering puberty, viewers get an in-depth look at what it's like to navigate the complex nature of gender identity. "What I really hope is that people realize that we're human," Avery says in the trailer. "We're not like, some exotic species. We have human emotions. That's what matters."

Take a look at the trailer and tune into HBO on Nov. 12 at 9 p.m. local time to get a glimpse of the moving documentary. You can also stream Transhood on HBO Max after its premiere.

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