Michael Phelps’s Third Son Is Here, and His Name Fits Perfectly With His Older Brothers’

Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole have just welcomed their third son, and for the first time, his name doesn't start with a B! Opting against continuing their naming traditiontheir older two sons are named Beckett and Boomer — the couple chose an M name for their youngest boy. Maverick Nicolas was born on Sept. 9, but already has his own Instagram account and his first photo shoot under his belt, as evidenced by the adorable photos that have been shared to the family's various Instagram accounts from his birth.

The name Maverick has been gaining popularity in recent years. According to Nameberry, the name has been on a pretty steady rise since 2000, clocking in at the seventy third most popular name for boys in 2018. Neither Michael nor Nicole shared where the name Nicolas came from — whether the couple just liked it, it's a play on Nicole, or comes from another family member — but either way, we're loving this name combo and can't wait to see more photos of sweet Maverick. Congrats, Phelps family!