Where to Watch Superhero Kindergarten, One of Stan Lee's Final Creations Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

It's been over two years since the great Stan Lee passed away, but one of his final creations, an animated superhero show for kids, is now available to watch with your family on Kartoon Channel! The show, Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten, stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as Arnold Armstrong — AKA Captain Fantastic — a former superhero who lost his powers after a showdown with with the evil Dr. Superior. The pair's battle caused six nearby babies to be affected by residual super powers, and five years later, Arnold is tasked with being their Kindergarten teacher and superhero mentor.

The show is filled with Arnold-specific jokes for adults (like an announcement of "I'll be back," which comes with a wink to the camera), animated Stan Lee cameos, and references to both Marvel and DC superheroes such as Captain America and Shazam!. So basically, it's the perfect show for superhero-loving parents and their kids to enjoy together.

"Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten is near and dear to my heart. What an honor it was to collaborate with Stan on the creation of the series," Arnold said in a press release, adding of the show's initial success with over 2 million views of the first episodes on opening weekend, "I am absolutely thrilled that our new series has resonated so strongly with audiences right out of the gate."

Superhero Kindergarten debuted on Kartoon Channel! on April 23 with its first two episodes, which you can watch directly on its website, YouTube channel, or through the Kartoon Channel! app that's available on all major streaming devices, such as Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. New episodes of the rest of Superhero Kindergarten's first season will be available to stream every Friday.