This Mom's Video Illustrating Why Parents Never Get Anything Done Is, Well, Accurate

The Holderness family are known for creating catchy musical spoofs, but their recent video illustrating why parents never get anything done these days might be the most relatable video we've seen yet! The hilarious clip begins with Kim attempting to send an email — only to be interrupted by everyone in her entire family for various reasons.

Between her son begging for something to eat, her husband running out of toilet paper, and the dog puking, trying to accomplish anything while at home with your entire family is truly a fool's errand. Throw in all that housework that never gets finished, and it seems like our to-do lists only get longer.

After hiding in the closet in the hopes of getting a little "alone time," Kim falls asleep having never actually sent the email. Watch until the end to get Kim's true thoughts on why she can't manage to stay focused while home with her family.