A Woman Detailed Exactly Why Moms Are So Stressed Out, and We Couldn't Have Said It Any Better

Brandie Kendrick, a mother of two from Virginia, knows that when you have kids life seems to move at a mile a minute. And given how fast paced parenthood can be, it's no surprise that moms (and dads!) are pretty stressed out most of the time. In a now-viral Facebook post, Brandie broke down some of the main reasons most parents are stressed over just trying to keep it together, and she totally nailed it.

"We are late to mostly everything," Brandie explained. "Especially work. You can set 15 alarms, lay out clothes the night before, and meal prep until the good Lord comes back but inevitably their will be a meltdown or someone will have to poop and next thing ya know, you are running 20 minutes behind speeding down the highway answering questions about where babies come from and why the earth is round."

Brandie also explained that between kids who refuse to go to bed and children who wake up a zillion times per night, she's utterly exhausted. Pair that with a never-ending pile of laundry and somehow always being hungry — despite ensuring your kids have nutritious meals — and it's safe to say parenthood can start to feel like a lot.

You know what else mothers don't get? Sick days. Once you have a child, there isn't really an option to take paid time off, even if it's only for a day. "We aren't allowed to be sick. Sick days are never really used [on us] because we never really know when the stomach bug could wipe out our entire house. Who is the one that's gonna clean up the puke?"

There's also the extra work that comes with enrolling your children in activities. And while they're certainly beneficial for your little ones' development, there's no denying it can be a lot to take on, especially if you have multiple kids. "We have to drive our kids everywhere," she wrote. "We have to be an Uber driver for small humans that [cry] when they are buckled up and they don't tip very well. Extracurricular activities are amazing and do wonderful things for our children but some days . . . the money, the practice, and the late nights are just too much for the tiny humans and exhausted mom."

"We have to work with the guilt that our children spend more time with others than with us."

She continued, noting that there are plenty of events she's expected to attend, too. "We must participate in all the things. Classroom parties/field trips are wonderful and are amazing memories made with our children," she said. "But working 40+ hours a week means I sometimes can't bake two dozen cupcakes or cancel an important meeting to go to a pumpkin patch. And the mom guilt is real!!!!" Speaking of guilt, while Brandie admits that the house might never be truly clean, that's not what bothers her at the end of the day. Rather, it's the guilt she — and many other women! — feel on a daily basis when it comes to balancing work with parenthood.

"We have to work with the guilt that our children spend more time with others than with us. We are expected to work like we don't have children and raise children like we don't have careers," she explained. "We are ALWAYS torn between excelling in our career or rocking it as a mom. The balance between the two seems non-existent."

However, though the amount of stress that parents have to deal with can certainly be daunting, and taking care of yourself is important, Brandie knows that she has a lot to be thankful for. "However, at the end of the day when we finally lay down, we thank the Lord above for this beautifully chaotic life we have and pray for extra grace for the next day," she wrote. "Because we know we are gonna need it."