Listening to This Woman Read Kids' Funny Answers to Assignments Will Make You Belly Laugh

Collette Frances, a woman who goes by name @theyorkshirebelter on TikTok, is sharing students' schoolwork blunders that lie somewhere between wholesome and hilarious. In the video — which has amassed over 195,000 likes on the platform so far — she takes viewers through some of the questionable (yet utterly endearing!) answers children have come up with.

From posting an assignment in which a student wrote, "I suddenly farted" along with a photo of himself passing gas to a boy who misspelled the word "deck" as "d*ck" and proceeded to use it in sentences like, "My d*ck is made of hard wood," these well-intentioned mistakes are hard to ignore.

While some answers are just downright cheeky — one kid said, "I used my fingers" when asked to show his or her work — the "shart" example personally sent me over the edge. Judging by the comments section, other parents found humor in the video, too. "Thank you for making my day," wrote one person. "This was laugh out loud funny!!"