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'80s-Inspired Outfits

Blogger-Approved Retro Outfits You'll Want to Wear Straight Through 2018

Love a good throwback? We've partnered with Jockey to introduce you to Retro Stripe styles in modern cuts that are so fresh, so cool, and so original.

Spend a minute scrolling through any style star's blog or Instagram feed, and it's clear that the '80s are back in a big way (and no, we're not talking about shoulder pads). So big, in fact, that we've even predicted the decade to inspire the Look of the Year. With such a big focus on nostalgia, we're looking straight to the past for outfit ideas. There's just one question: how do you make trends from 30 years ago work for 2018?

That's where style influencer Michelle Madsen comes in. With nearly half a million people following her every outfit move on Instagram, it's clear she's got the whole style thing down. And considering graphic pops of colors and patterns already punctuate her laid-back, casual OOTDs, it's easy to see how inspiration from prior decades comes naturally to Michelle. "Something about fashion in the past feels so carefree," she noted. "I love that the aesthetic is so bold. It kind of has 'attitude,' and I feel like it portrays confidence with the bright colors, casual cuts, and tomboyish feminism."

Here, we tapped her to create retro-themed looks that all feature the Jockey® Retro Stripe Bralette, a cool and contemporary take on our favorite old-school piece. Keep reading for outfit ideas from the past that you'll want to wear into the future.



Between ripped denim, the oversize plaid flannel shirt, the belt bag, and fishnet tights, this grunge look brings some serious retro vibes. Here, Michelle put her own toned-down twist on the rocker inspiration with muted hues and clean accessories.

Her advice for combining so many trends in one get-up? Stick to neutral colors. "Because I incorporated several '80s trends in this outfit, I ended up sticking to more neutral colors to make the whole look a bit more modern and wearable," she shared. "Even with the red top, I chose a more subtle shade, along with white Jockey pieces and black accessories. I love that the bralette and high-cut briefs are super simple and draw just the right amount of attention." From there, it's all about the little details. "I feel like belt bags are just an updated version of the fanny pack, and I love it. And fishnets have made a big comeback this past year with so many different ways to wear them."




Denim overalls and nylon windbreakers are both such quintessentially retro pieces — and luckily, they're just as practical and wearable now as they were back then. Forgo the oversize silhouettes that were popular back in the day and take a cue from Michelle, who opts for fitted cuts when wearing the two together.

"I feel like this outfit is 100 percent '80s all over with the velcro-style sneakers, puffy jacket, overalls, and scrunchie," she said. "I've always loved overalls, and this is one of my favorite ways to have a cute Jockey bralette peeking through. It makes the look so comfortable." Finally, don't forget to top off your ensemble with a retro hair accessory. "I love scrunchies because I feel like they're the hallmark of the '80s. So fun that they're back in style!"



With the combination of bold red and medium-wash denim, this look has a decidedly retro, Americana feel. Take a page out of Michelle's style book and pare back the colors with solid black and sleek silhouettes.

"I think the '80s were all about being laid-back and cool, and denim is a great way to capture that vibe with some fun red add-ins," she said. "I love that the bralette adds the perfect subtle pop to tie in with my shoes." She suggests opting for a sheer top to show off the bralette as well as tailored pants to keep the look current. "The high-waisted trousers are more of a modern touch that brings this look up to date."


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Credits: Photography: Diggy Lloyd; Art Direction: Shanna Greenberg; Wardrobe Styling: Andi Nash; Hair & Makeup: Brett Jackson

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