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Active Outfit Ideas

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How you approach activewear says a lot about your style. We've partnered with Sunglass Hut to show you what activewear can look like for you, including the Oakley rose gold sunglass styles to match your aesthetic!

Comfort and convenience aside, wearing your workout clothes outside the gym has become a full-fledged style movement these days. And we are here for it! But our favorite aspect of this aesthetic is all the different ways you can interpret it for yourself. Perhaps you consider head-to-toe performance-wear a daily uniform, or maybe you love wearing on-trend dad sneakers — but only because they're trendy right now. Ahead, we put together a fun quiz to determine where you land on the style spectrum, complete with your ideal active outfit, on-trend rose gold sunglasses and all.

Pick a fabric:

If we opened your closet, what would we see?

What's your ideal weekend activity?

Which outfit would you throw on to run errands?

If you were given $500 to round out your wardrobe, what would you spend it on?

Luxe, everyday basics you can live in
Top-of-the-line performance gear for your active lifestyle
A few designer statement accessories you can wear with anything

Which pair of sneakers would you choose?

Speaking of sneakers, when do you reach for yours?

Every day!
When I want to feel comfortable
Only when I'm working out, or when they match my outfit 💁