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Anklet Trend 2017

This '90s Jewelry Trend Has Nothing to Do With Chokers

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I think the last time I wore an anklet, my best friend and I were flipping through magazines and calling cute boys — from my landline. Now, much like they were in the late '90s, anklets are ubiquitous with cool girls.

More subtle than the choker, scrunchies, and even those teeny-tiny shades, anklets are like a subtle wink to other fashion-lovers. They'll go undetected by your boss, your mom, and probably your SO, but your fashion friends? They'll surely notice. The accessory's like a chill nod to what's new. They don't announce themselves like dangling pompom earrings; they're nonchalantly on trend with their California-girl vacation vibes. Incidentally, they happen to be perfect for Summer and look great with a pair of mules. Read on to see how the style set is styling them, then shop your own.

Image Source: Getty / Melodie Jeng
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